Modern Classics

Designing beautiful clothes.

Creating well-crafted pieces.

Using eco-friendly fabrics.

Using sustainable practices.

Using responsible suppliers.


Our collections are designed to take you through your day with ease and comfort; 12-hour outfits. We use only natural fabrics whose properties allow you to feel cool as you multi-task through your day. Natural fabrics have moisture-wicking properties, perfect for hotter countries and are quite simply softer on the skin than man-made fibres. We design classic shapes and minimalist pieces that have staying power within your wardrobe.  We make very limited-edition quantities of each style to avoid wastage and to make you feel even more special while wearing them. We wish for you to"Love Your Clothes" - with a clearer conscious. You shouldn't have to compromise on style and that is why we have paired - Elegance with Conscious Shopping! Our eco-friendly fashion is available online or through our stockists.


We would love for you to stay in touch with us, for exclusive updates on new collections and promotions.


We strongly recommend that you review our garment care guidelines, in order to prolong the life of your Michelle Schulz piece. 

Glory Dress with Sleeves and Side Slit.j

Stay Cool 



Nature breathes beauty into fashion

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