My Story


I'm Michelle, a Mum to 2 young children, a proud wife and human Mum of Mylo, Clio (our Dalmatians) and Coco, our very, very long-haired cat.

I was motivated to create my slow fashion brand, Michelle Schulz, Conditional Collections due to my own daily wardrobe struggles. As a freelancer and entrepreneur, I was juggling my outfits constantly each day and still never quite happy with the result. It wasn't easy trying to select just 1 or 2 outfits each day that worked for every task at hand; school runs, meetings, working from home, coffee catch-ups, dog walking and date nights.


So, I decided to give up my job and using my design background create a range of modern classics for busy women where our core value is to only use eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable business practices.


My intention is to inspire women to shop more ethically whilst sparking a passion for fashion that is ethical and sustainable and elevates the wardrobes of modern women. 


The Inevitable Choice, Eco-friendly Fashion


Our daughter arrived in this world in 2010. The overwhelming emotional need to protect her from everything harmful kicked in. For the first time, my eyes were truly opened to the obscene amount of chemicals we blindly put in and on our bodies, so I scrabbled around preaching this news to anyone who would listen to me!


"It was of course only a matter of time before I started to consider the effects of clothing; the human and the environmental costs."


By this time, I was a busy Mum working from home a considerable amount of time and who continued to yearn for a career that never was (so far) as a womenswear designer. 

The stars aligned for me as we made a family move to Singapore (where I already had a 30-year family history) and finally I could mix my passion and interests to create my brand, Michelle Schulz.


Be a conscious shopper 


Michelle Schulz brings to life conditional clothing collections with a sophisticated British design eye.


"An eco-conscious brand designed to introduce women to ethical fashion. Drawing inspiration from diverse time periods and imagery to inspire classic, minimalist shapes. Casual chic pieces that elevate the wardrobes of us, busy ladies who multi-task their way through the day."


Shop with a clearer conscious and strive to be better, not perfect.


Take care