One of the biggest issues faced by the fashion industry is how to handle the waste. Waste is a part of the process from the earliest stages of fabric production through to the end of the life cycle of the garment you bought and no longer want to wear.

Whilst we are passionate about producing beautiful clothes that with proper care will last and we hope you will love for better or worse. It's equally important to us that you recycle the garment properly at the end of its life-cycle. Whether that is by selling it on, swapping it or recycling it. 

This is why we have created a very simple program. Once you no longer want or need your MICHELLE SCHULZ item simply send it back to us in exchange for a $25 SGD gift voucher to be used with MICHELLE SCHULZ. The only stipulation is that the MICHELLE SCHULZ clothing label must still be sewn in place (typically) at the neckline. 

We get to make sure that our creations are not a further part of the dumping issue within the fashion industry by processing it properly and you are rewarded for your thoughtfulness. 

The waste fabrics left-over from the production cycles will be turned into simple reusable pouches, some that are large enough will be used to place your new purchases in as protective covers for shipping.

You can email us if you have any questions: info@michelleschulz.com 

Many thanks!