8 Tips to Dress for Success

Move over polyester, make room for quality!

What does your office attire say about you?

Modern offices are entirely different to those in the last generation. Employee satisfaction is considered one of the most important attributes towards company success. Google and Facebook reflect this ethos with their attractive Employee Value Propositions. Your office surroundings should be at least starting to reflect these changes too. For some we don't even have ''offices'' in the traditional sense. Working-from-home options and even co-working spaces are the buzz words of our generation.

These changes should be equally reflected by your own image if you have goals to acheive and a passion to do so. But do they? With so many working space options we no longer need to conform to the business casual/formal look on a day-to-day basis. With more flexibility allowed for our work wardrobes where should we start?

What kind of dresser are you?

If you're the kind of person who likes to push the snooze button and then jump out of bed and into your clothes in a frenzy then trust me - we ALL know.

Do you have so many clothes to choose from that you suffer with the "I have nothing to wear" syndrome?

Or maybe, you just really don't care. Not because you're lazy but because not caring so much about your image is a reflection of your values. That looks shouldn't matter - except they do if you have career aspirations - you are being judged by your appearance.

8 tips to dress for success at work

  • Dress RESPONSIBLY. Consider your environmental footprint while making purchases (if you have to buy new). Buy less buy better quality. Buy pieces that have a life span in your wardrobe. If you need to replace some work clothes look out for cottons and linens as alternatives to cheaper on-trend clothes that often fall apart in the wash or don't live up to your expectations the next time you wear them. Your colleagues will notice how well you dress not often you repeat an outfit.

  • Aim for chic and sophisticted whatever your career aspirations are, this style will always work in your favour. Your clothes need to be of good quality, not shiny polyester. Take a good look at what your senior colleagues wear, what works, what doesn't.

  • Seasonal dressing will always work but don't be afraid to step outside of the box.

  • Avoid falling into the gender stereotype. Don't be afraid to be a touch feminine or more masculine just avoid in your face sexy or you will be noticed for the wrong reason.

  • Layers are great to work with as our office temperature settings can leave a lot to be desired, there will always be hotspots and coldspots.

  • Avoid polyester, it looks cheap and is really bad for the environment. Choose natural fabric alternatives that allow your skin to breath and don't shed micro-fibres into our waterways !

  • Wear elegant shoes that are not scuffed at the toes or heel, high or low heel works. If your clothing style is more "colour safe'' then don't be afraid to add a pop of colour with your shoes.

  • Think ahead, dress for the job that you want.

Do you feel good about what you are wearing? If you feel empowered others will sense that. Be a woman to be reckoned with!

Don't dismiss the importance of showing up in the right outfit.

Many thanks!