Can Corporate Fashion Be Responsible?

Most of us would by now have heard about the fashion industry's blight on our planet. Therefore you would have come across (let's call it) ''responsible clothing or eco-friendly fashion'' in some shape or form. Even well-known fast-fashion retailers are getting in on the action.

There are a few different reasons why a brand may be considered responsible;

  • using sustainable materials and business practices

  • using natural or recycled fabrics

  • using little to no chemicals - organic

  • using ethical production partners

  • by working with local artisans, fairtrade organisations or social enterprises

  • advocating after-care programs (recycling, reusing, swapping, correct washing techniques/detergents to use etc.)

The eco-friendly casual clothing market is a successful industry today - this is in part thanks to big retailers just as much as the small business owners doing the pop-up rounds and working really, really hard at it too. There are in fact some amazing small brands out there putting a lot of thought and effort into this market segment and are doing it really well - contemporary modern basics.

What about the corporate fashion segment?

What about the driven professional woman looking for more than black pants and a classic T ? Are your values at risk when it comes to your workwear wardrobe choices or can you put your money where your mouth is and invest in a responsible working wardrobe?

There's still a tendancy for eco-friendly designers to push a little ''quirk'' into their design aesthetic. Adding unique and beautiful features such as the use of hand embroidered patterns, textures and flowers, but how does this translate into your office outfit, does it work? This feels a little more casual than smart-casual.

Regardless of job status we all desire to be taken seriously by our colleagues. Whether your style is business casual or formal requirements, corporate fashion must be of high quality and versatile to fulfill the function of the clothing. To get you through the day looking stylish and feeling comfortable, right? Fabric durability is non-negotiable as your working wardrobe will lead a tough life.

"Elevated designs featuring stunning silhouttes that become a staple in your wardrobe. Without compromising your ethical values."

Many thanks