Classic and Cool With a Dash of Sustainability

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Classic style

A Classic; always in style.

Close your eyes, breathe and let your mind wander, money is no object - what's your classic wardrobe must-have piece?

Perhaps you're considering a fountain of pearls to decorate, that iconic 'Little Black Dress' (LBD) that has been re-imagined in so many different forms over the years but none so poignant as Audrey Hepburns', Breakfast At Tiffany's Givenchy dress. It exhudes elegance through its simplistic shape and understated style.

Timeless pieces, highly regarded and recognised for their significance and quality. Does your wardobe project fast-fashion trends or classic pieces that soothingly say everything about the woman you are?

Fashion has secured its place in history with an array of stylish classics that many of us already own or at least desire today. Don't be mistaken, I'm not only talking about outfits and accessories limited to cocktail hour or fine dining events. The perfect pencil skirt, the crispest white blouse, those black Mary Jane pumps - simple yet effective, not overwhelming but classics we can relate to and damn good ones.

The thing is that even our classic pieces must be carefully considered for their sustainable qualities. Shoddy craftmanship? Well that's a given, no thank you. Materials entangled with chemical processes and total disregard for our, YOUR planet, I say not!

I'm not suggesting you pursue your next wardrobe overhaul, that's completely uneccessary but instead thoughtfully consider your next wardrobe BBF instead. What's missing that would perfectly complement so many of your current skirts, trousers, shorts and so on? Which materials feel so good against your skin and are long-lasting, whilst simultaneously not being a blight on our planets resources? Well, let me introduce you to my new BFF TENCEL .

Our core value is to only use fabrics that are eco-friendly and sustainable. That means using fabrics that have had little to no chemicals entwinned in their production and those derived from sustainable sources or from within closed loop processes. This is why we are absolutely craving TENCEL as it checks all the right boxes!

Don't worry I won't baffle you with technical explanations at this point and you can see I have linked to the offical site for those of you more inquisitive. But it's quite a splendid fibre derived from sustainably sourced natural raw wood materials. The outcome, well it feels so good to wear.

Don't just take my word for it, of course. Now we are very happy to introduce the new:

Classic TENCEL Lux-T to you. A classic style, your wardobes best complement, enhancing outfits while looking and feeling good about it too.

Simply slip this Classic TENCEL Lux-T over your head and smile.

Due to current limitations our collection is limited but you can reach out to me directly if you would like to get on the waiting list for this Classic TENCEL Lux-T.

First time subscribers joining our community will receive a 20% on their first order.

Many thanks & stay safe


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