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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Colour Me Happy

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Coco Chanel was once quoted to say:

"The best colour in the world,

is the one that looks good on you."

So true! While there are some fundamental rules out there, ultimately it's whatever colour YOU feel good in that is the one for you. Some people are naturally attracted to the right colour palette for their skin tone (skin undertone) anyway. However, some of us need a little extra guidance on figuring out which colours are certain to make us feel more empowered.

Embrace your true colours

Colours can make you radiate both inside and out. Colours, done well, can have a powerful impact on your mood. The right colour palette for your skin tone can knock years off your looks - and you may be accused of 'glowing'. Of course wearing the wrong colours can have the opposite effect and quite simply enhance your wrinkles or make you look washed out. No-one wants that!

If you get your colour palette right there's no stopping you! Think about it; you're standing in the store or browsing online eco-friendly fashion and you can't decide which colour to buy that top in. No problem, know your colour, pick the top that works and like magic you have a new piece that will perfectly slot in to your freshly colour co-ordinated wardrobe. No more tragic purchase fails! Guaranteeing that you will wear your new piece and that you can easily mix and match it so that it becomes a lasting addition to your wardrobe. Less fashion waste because of another trend or colour fail!

Defining your colour palette

What's your choice? You're either:

  • Warm palette

  • Cool palette

  • Neutral palette

Next figure out your 'skin undertone'. Skin undertone? I hear you mutter. Yes; your skin tone is what you see in the mirror and changes with the season as your skin is exposed to the elements. Your skin undertone can change with age but that's about that. Happily for you it's not too tricky to figure out. There are a few ways that you can do this with relative ease in the comfort of your own home and I'm here to help. This guide provides you with the tools so that you can work out your own skin undertone. It's so easy to use but of course if you still have questions you can reach out to me.

Click here to get, ''The Ultimate Guide To Your Best Colours''

Remember that whatever your colour palette turns out to be if you feel good in a colour, then you should go for it! Often those with a warm or cool palette can find particular tones of a colour from the opposite palette that will still work for you.

Take care

Michelle xx

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