How To Look Chic and Feel Cool Wearing Linen

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Linen is going through a fashion revival right now and is very much in favour, not least due to its eco-friendly nature but also due to the natural properties that make it lightweight, highly absorbent and breathable in our hot tropical climate. It is truly a fabric to be celebrated.

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What Is Linen?

Linen is made from fibres of the flax plant. It is a soft fibre unlike bamboo and is much stronger and more luxurious than cotton. The fibres are spun into long, fine yarns and then woven into cloth. Linen is one of the world's oldest known fabrics and whilst it is grown in a handful of countries around the world, Belgian, Irish and Italian linens are highly thought of as the better quality due to the perfect growing conditions of the damper climates. Linens grown within these countries are usually then manufactured into their respective cloths by local mills. Some yarns will be exported worldwide and blended with other fibres such as cotton and refered to as blended linen. The intricacy of the linen weaving process is complicated and as such makes it labour intensive to produce and results in a higher price tag for non-blends.

Linen, The Superior, Natural Choice Fabric vs (almost) Wrinkle-Free Results

The qualities of linen that turn some people off lies with the wrinkled look that due to the fibres properties are not 100% avoidable. However with its many other redeeming qualities this can be overlooked and I would highly recommend trying a good quality piece before dismissing it from your wardrobes. Linen is a durable fabric that with care can last a long time and offers you value for money.

  • It is a sustainable plant to grow

  • It softens with each wear

  • It's highly absorbent in hot, humid climates and breathable, leaving your skin feeling cool

Darker or brighter colours are less likely to show the creases in the same way that lighter colours can. If you iron linen the right way you're off to a great start. Ironing linen whilst it is damp can really help remove stubborn wrinkles quite effortlessly. Dampening the fabric can be carried out by using a spray or to avoid potentially burning the fabric by overheating it you can lay a damp tea towel, tshirt etc. over the piece of clothing first and iron whilst using a high steam setting. It is worth the effort if you are making the investment.

Looking Chic In Linen

Linen has previously been associated with frequent travellers and resort wear pieces but the fashionable shoppers refining the art of luxury and sustainable shopping are looking to natural fibres like linen as a wardrobe staple in hot climates. Linen for work, linen for the home and linen for your holiday.

It seems that linen has a place in modern society once more and is a go to item as a blank canvas regardless of the colour or style. Its indulgent, textured, wear me anywhere fabric can be dressed up or down with a simple statement necklace, bedazzled sandals, high heels or runners. Pair it with the right basket weave handbag or embroided clutch and you have a day-to-night winning outfit.

  • A tailored piece offers a more elegant vibe. Look out for cinched waists, gathers and pleats to trick the eye away from any wrinkles.

  • Linen shorts and culottes can be worn with a good basic t-shirt or tank top like my favourites by Source Collections and still look amazing whether you're running errands, heading to the park or simply hanging around your house.

  • Because linen is so breathable it is so easy to layer tops together with other wardrobe favourites to create a relaxed vibe.

I'm very excited that I was able to use Belgian linen in my first collection, launching this September, here's a sneak peak at some of the pieces, Warrior Woman Jumpsuit available online NOW.

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