Living on the Edge?

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Motivation

Here's a little dose of honesty for Monday :-))

Like many, I've been living with low-level anxiety on a daily basis since the government introduced the "Circuit Breaker" period here in Singapore. Why? Good question.

I'm undoubtedly guilty of bracing myself initially for an eruption of challenges, conflicts, fights etc. brought on through Home-Based Learning or HBL - or more simply put having my two kids at home 24/7. This, knowing that I would be the main go-to for the kids as my husband's role demands a more rigid schedule than mine - I work for myself and no, unlike many here in Singapore we do not have a domestic helper to step in when a break is needed. Instead, I've found myself guzzling coffee, biscuits and living on the edge of sanity (or should that be insanity?!) just to get a couple of minutes respite from making another origami ''something or other". 

Adding to this I was frantically refreshing my CNA news feed at every opportunity to see what was unfolding. We have close family all over the world in Germany, Philippines and Australia but with my Mother in the UK, it was a particularly concerning period as no practical avoidance steps were implemented until too it was too late over there. Reading the news totally added to and fuelled my anxiety to the point that I would often be driven to tears. I'm sure you've been close, right? What Changed? I changed. I realigned my thinking to something more realistic and POSITIVE.

Day 1 of HBL was an eye-opener for sure! My eldest, at almost 10yrs, was super independent with her school work - yes! My youngest at almost 6yrs, was, well, less than co-operative with his school activities - err what!  So what changes did I make that may also inspire you? 1. I make sure to start my day off right, for me, that is a 20-minute yoga session followed by a dog walk. For you, maybe it's waking up 20 minutes earlier than your kids (if you have any) to enjoy the silence. Or heading out for an early walk. Just think about what lifts you up in the morning and DO IT. 2. I stopped putting pressure on my youngest to get his activities done. He's not even in first grade. He will survive a couple of months of minimal productivity. Besides which for everything else he does he is still learning and in fact he helps me with the housework, he even bakes cakes with me - and they've never tasted better. 3. I stopped fixating on the news. I read the evening headline to understand the local position and that's that.  4. Now I focus on the good news stories which for me is usually around animals. Particularly here where the zoo natives (around 15,000 of them I think) are getting treated to some innovative ideas to keep them occupied. The Orangutan's are enjoying bubble fun and the penguins are brought out for a constitutional! 5. I sketch. That's right. I love to just take a few moments throughout the day when my youngest is allowed to listen to an audiobook and I sketch. Sometimes it's new designs - which I'm also sampling and you can see sneak peeks on Instagram. Sometimes it's sketching, realistic eyes, lips etc. Today I received a lovely paint by numbers lion's face from my kids and I can't wait to try that. Failing that I pick up a good crime book and read. Most importantly I focus on what's happening that day and what can I do to make it better. I stop focusing on things that are out of my control. I'd love to hear what changes you have made or can make to adjust to our unique situation. Remember ladies ''mindfulness matters''. Take time to realign and do what you need to do and don't get stuck in a rut. 

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