My Top Picks for Local Sustainable Brands to Support

Where to shop to support local Singapore brands?

Discover where you can shop for tried and tested, authentic eco-friendly brands in Singapore.

Eco friendly fashion for women who work from home

Authentic; something that is original or true.


I have a secret to tell you. I love to shop. I never really understood the fulfilment that shopping can bring until I stopped buying almost anything for myself for one year. Yes, I kid you not, it's true about 4 years ago I decided to not shop unless it was absolutely needed. It actually felt really good too. Since then and not least because of my own small business ethics, when I shop I make more mindful choices about who I shop with, why I shop with them and make sure I shop only because I really, really love or actually need what I'm buying.

I believe in being a more mindful consumer that you should be seeking out more authentic brands. You will find this authenticy, a real voice with real values in many small Singapore based brands. These founders are happy to share their stories with you of why they do what they do and what they hope to acheive with it. So, please listen, just for a moment and maybe you'll find a fun new brand to connect with and share with your friends.

Why am I telling you this? Quite simply because in last weeks blog piece I was telling you about sustainability and why there is a need for each of us to be responsible - if we wish to see our planet heal and become a habitable place for a very long time to come.

So, I felt that it was only right to give you a peek into the local Singapore based brands that I support who I feel are doing things better.

Of course this list is not exclusive, there are many authentic brands to choose from and I will be writing about those in due time, here are just some of my favourites that I buy from.

I guess it's probably easier to break things down by category, so here goes and in no particular order, haha!

Who knew swimwear could be fun and chic all rolled into one? Well it can with Ubu and their brilliant selection of vibrant swimwear pieces. I personally have the Blue Maria bikini top and Pheme bottoms. Not only are all the swimwear made from eco-friendly fabrics (details on the website) but you can pick and choose your sets and sizes.

We all need some staples in our wardrodes and I love (also have) these basics many of which are made from TENCEL (you know I love this fabric). Black, white and grey T's in varying styles; crew, tank, cap sleeve, v-neck etc.

I get what I like to call my summer ready styles here but make no mistake, Maisha Concepts is a fashion and lifestyle brand so be prepared to be wowed by the stunning catalogue of lifestyle pieces now available. Maisha is keeping tradition alive around the globe as each piece is handcrafted by talented artisans who use traditional methods to create contemporary pieces.

My favourite accessories brand, designed with a French flair! I don't know where to start. I have beautiful bags, sandals and espadrillas that seem to effortlessly work with anything I'm wearing. La Filippine work closely with small family-run businesses in the Philippines who ensure their workers are paid fairly, their skills are developed and offer additional aid in times of need.

I've been using their Glow Facial Serum for the last couple of years now, putting this on at bedtime leaves my skin feeling and looking less haggard in the morning! All the ingredients are natural.

Oh, come on, you didn't think I'd leave myself out did you? Of course I thoroughly enjoy wearing my own creations. No nasty fabrics here! Only natural, eco-friendly fashion for you to enjoy. It's versatile, minimalist fashion for work, rest and play.

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