What is Loungewear All About?

Why are loungewear looks enjoying a new revival?

Discover how loungewear has always been a classic staple, you just didn't realise it.

Eco friendly fashion for women who work from home

Loungewear; casual, comfortable clothing suitable for wearing at home.

Ok, most of us would have an idea of what loungewear is all about and the rest of us had no idea that we've been wearing it for most of our lives already! And yes, it is SO much more than sweatpants or leggings. Just take a peek at the image above for starters.

Remember when as a child you would watch the old black and white movie re-runs? Despite my children thinking I'm old enough to have seen them the first-time round. I used to marvel at how beautiful the Hollywood starlets were, so well put together, not a hair out of place and their clothes - stunning! It seemed to me like they were surrounded by waterfalls of draped fabrics from every colour of the rainbow.

What fascinated me even more was that they were as equally feminine and mysterious off-screen too and yet their clothes projected feelings of comfort, but still dripped in style. As a young fashionista I was blown away by how, well, just confusing this was; downright comfortable looking clothes that were still chic, hmm? I couldn't define their looks. Was it a pant suit? Was it sleepwear? Was it an evening dress? Well, really it was all of the above - it was simply "loungewear" in all it's glorious carefree spirit. Now in those days that was something unique and I truly believe of all the generations I can think of that the golden age of Hollywood showcased loungewear looks like never before and never again since.

Think Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly to name a few - these ladies knew how to dress for comfort without letting the style down be it for work, rest or play and it really didn't matter which. Loungewear was all about ease, comfort and a large dash of style to them.

They wore silky soft pant suits and bias cut slip dresses, beautiful billowing blouses with large collars and floppy cuffs and chic, so chic slippers. Often you could delight at the clear Asian influences in the better known pyjama style sets with their kimono influenced shapes, Chinese button knots and impecably embroidered hems in bright coloured silk threads. A far cry from the earlier origins of ladies loungewear in the days of the Coco Chanel beach pyjamas. Albeit, equally stylish in their own right of course and a loving starter point that eventually morphed into glam Hollywood loungewear.

"Our glamorous starlets enjoyed loungewear to sleep in and sleepwear to lounge in."

With that picture in mind, circle back to our generations understanding of what constitutes a loungewear look and I feel that it has become something far more casual, more lazy if you like. We all posess a pair of sweatpants and whilst we might not wear them out of the house as often as our Millenials will, we do love to pop them on for those days where we're feeling a bit - blah. At least I do.

So why is it that we're hearing about the loungewear look comeback? What is it that has provoked its revival and what has changed? Should you pay attention and where can you wear it? So many questions.

Let's think about the phrase: "Sleepwear to lounge in and loungewear to sleep in." I think that now you get this. The last year's narrative of 'working from home' has really bumped up loungewear standards and the process of gliding from bed to laptop and back again has pushed our thinking towards a new fashion norm. Yes, the loungewear look. Not sweatpants and baggy t-shirts or sportswear but something in between the lines of comfort and style. Who wants to put on their suit for a zoom call and let's face it, no boss is expecting that but you still need to show up and set your professional work from home attire standard.

So now we are entering a new loungewear revival phase that is elevating the meaning of comfort to something more like 'comfort with a style twist'. So, yes you should pay attention and not least because you set a good impression on your zoom call but the psychological effects of showing up with what you wear are so positive.

Loungewear looks can really range from beautifully soft and attractive vintage inspired pyjamas with shirts that can easily project a business like appearance when made in the right fabrics. Good quality linen shirts and bottoms, especially in the Singapore humidity can help you sail through your day due to it's unique fabric properties and it's already widespread acceptance of outdoor wear. You can find these as sharply made pieces with pretty collars and a loose fit for additional all day wear comfort. Or choose to step things up a notch with a dress, yes a dress, just like the white TENCEL one above. It's perfect mix of TENCEL™ and cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative allows for stretch, but not so much that you end up with a saggy dress bottom! These will soon be available so if you are interested then sign up today and receive pre-launch details in 2 weeks.

Let's not forget that the new loungewear looks are a welcome addition to your wardrobe because they are multi-functional, "comfort-cool-chic" and don't you forget it!

I say embrace this fashion revolution of loungewear but as always do it ethically, do it with consideration for the planet, keep sustainability of your loungewear looks in mind before you enter into a purchase. And, with all that in mind support your local, responsible brands first and foremost. They have your back.

Many thanks & stay safe


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